February 19, 2018


12-volume edition
“Konstantinos Karamanlis: Archive, events & texts”

Basic parameter of the Foundation activities is publishing, the core of which is the 12-volume edition “Konstantinos Karamanlis: Archive, Events & Texts”. The project was the product of long research, based on the use of archival material.

This is a chronological record of the presence of Karamanlis in public life, based on his personal archive, Greek and International daily press, Parliamentary Proceedings as well as from every valid contemporary testimony, with extensive references to all aspects of public life: foreign policy, economy, agriculture, public works, social policy, civil administration, education and culture.
This material published is disencumbered from critical judgments, in order to maintain its status as a foundamental source for modern Greek history.

(Publication: 1997. Editor: Κ. Svolopoulos. Reissued in 2005, on the initiative of the newspaper “Kathimerini”.

Αναλυτική περιγραφή 12τομου



3-volume edition “Konstantinos Karamanlis in the twentieth century”


Equally Important was the publication of the Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference in Zappeio Megaro on June 5-9, 2007, on the occasion of the 100 years from K. Karamanlis’ birth. More than 150 Greek and foreign scientists highlighted every aspect of Karamanlis’ work and, through it, Greece’s progress during the last 50 years.
The Proceedings were published in three thematically distinct volumes: Volume A contains treatises about K. Karamanlis’ work on institutions and the establishment of a democratic political system. Volume B focuses on Greece’s international relations and foreign policy, and Volume C on the economy, social policies and culture.

(Publication: 2008. Editor: K. Svolopoulos,
 Κ. Ε. Botsiou, Εv. Hatzivassiliou).



In addition, the Defense Analysis Institute of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense, the Institute of Foreign Policy Analysis of the United States and Konstantinos G. Karamanlis Foundation have published a report containing the conclusions of the International Conference under the following subject:


Α new NATO and the greek-american partnership

(Washington, 4/2009)






“The European Course of Greece and Konstantinos Karamanlis”


Proceedings of the two-day conference (Athens on November 25-26, 1999),  including 19 speeches and treatises by expert scientists and politicians concerning K. Karamanlis’ vision and statesmanship that made Greece an organic part of the European Union and a key factor in the Balkan regional framework.

(Publication: Patakis 2000, 
Editor: Chr. Karientidis)

”De Gaulle and Karamanlis:
the Nation, the State, Europe”

Proceedings of the two-day conference  (Athens on October, 5-6, 2000),   Ιncluding 20 treatises by expert scientists who examine, at the same time, the work of the two leaders in their respective countries, their personal relationship and their nations’ role in the European unification process.

(Publication: Patakis 2002, 
Editor: Κ Svolopoulos, Ch. Morelle)


“Konstantinos Karamanlis and Northern Greece”

Proceedings of the two-day conference  (Thessaloniki on April, 23-24, 2001), including 24 speeches and treatises by expert scientists and politicians concerning K. Karamanlis’ work in Northern Greece, his place of descent, in the fields of economy, education, and culture, the region’s status in the international scene, as well as its safeguard against external dangers.

(Publication: Patakis 2006, Editor:
 Εv. Hatzivassiliou, Chr. Christidis)


“Spain, Portugal, Greece. Thirty years since the restoration of democracy”

Proceedings of the two-day conference (Athens on May, 18-19, 2005),   including treatises by 11 expert scientists and politicians, eyewitnesses of events in the three countries, referring to the political dimension and institutional context of the transition of those three countries to Democracy, as well as Europe’s role and their prospects of integration into the European structure in order to restore their democratic regime.

(Publication: Patakis 2006,
Editor: M. Minotou)



In Memoriam:
The international committee pays homage to Konstantinos Karamanlis

Reports by the international press and eminent people from around the globe concerning K. Karamanlis’ character and work are recorded, and abundant photographic material from his career as Prime Minister and President of the Republic is included.

(Publication: Kapon 1999,
Editor: Β. Charalampakos)


"Konstantinos Karamanlis:
 One year since his death".

Anniversary Edition, which includes speeches by Konstantinos Stephanopoulos of Valery Giscard D ‘Estaing, and Francesco Cossiga.

(Edition, 1999)